Managing Director

Dato' Paduka Habib b. Hj Ismail

Dato' Paduka Habib displays a leadership style of strategic vision, determination and an ability to motivate and inspire. He drives his team through charisma and passion in his work, while emphasizing delivery of the highest of quality for every task undertaken. He believes that building a strong team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals is the key to ensure the success of the company. With a vast experience in handling high profile projects as well as large number of personnel, he delegates the task and empowers managers and staff to lead giving them the sense of ownership and responsibility towards the projects. Building the company by building a professional and competent workforce is his mantra.

Project Director

Ir. Kamarozaman Norman

As a certified professional engineer, his is responsible for overall monitoring of the works in progress and could perform an Independent Assessment on projects. His experience working overseas sets a higher standard in delivering his task as a Project Director.